Trenna Langdon: ceramics


Bottle-it-up (blue) Stoneware                                                                                                              Photo: Trenna Langdon

I am a ceramic artist based in Canberra, Australia. I currently have a studio at Strathnairn Arts.

Artist Statement

‘Clay as a material is honest.  It has physical limits and I want to explore and push those limits.  I am interested in the science of making – the chemistry of the glaze, the composition of the clay body and the effect of heat that transforms the finished work into a permanent object.  I am attracted to the aesthetic – the transformation of the material and the surprises left on the surface – the forms and the colours.’

‘From an understanding of the materials comes the knowledge of how to express my world.  The colours that I choose are of the environment.  I make work that is an expression of my environment – how I see, hear and feel my environment.’


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