Kylie Fogarty: drawings, prints & paintings

Kylie Fogarty is a full time practising artist living in the ACT, Australia with her studio situated in North Canberra.

Incoming Squall – © Kylie Fogarty Mixed Media on Canvas

A life-long artist, her earliest memories are rarely those without a pencil. Kylie calls upon a diverse portfolio of mediums to lay down the ideas which inspire her – printmaking, painting, ink drawing and watercolour.

Beachcombing – Ink on Fine Art Paper

Drawing remains a large component of her art works, forming the basis for her art featuring landscapes, cloud formations, coastal scenes, narrative moments of time, portraits, flora and fauna.

Enjoying collaborations with fellow creatives, Kylie has worked alongside Authors, Poets and Charities, resulting in published works, such as a Book of Pictured Poetry, and Children’s Picture Books.

The Misadentures of Chris the Sheep

The Misadventures of Chris the Sheep – A Collaboration with the RSPCA ACT.

Her works have been exhibited Nationally and internationally, through both solo and group Exhibitions.

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