Joan James: mixed media

Joan James

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Joan James is a teacher and mixed media artist specialising in Shibori and Indigo dyeing. She is a member of Strathnairn Arts, and exhibits her work in SHOP; a member of the World Shibori Network (WSN) and the World Shibori Network, Australia and New Zealand (WSN ANZ) and TEXTILE Fibre Forum.

Joan has taught and worked in the Art/Textile field for over forty years and has developed In Emerald Cathedrals - Joan James Australiaconsiderable expertise in this area by participating in Master Classes in Shibori, indigo Dying and Natural dyeing in Australia, France, Thailand and Chile. She has also researched textiles in the UK, Asia, South America and Europe as well as attending workshops with many international textile artists and dyers.

Joan has participated in many group exhibitions and Wearable Art Shows and has exhibited nationally and internationally in London, Paris and Hong Kong.

She has works in private collections in Australia, New Zealand, U.K., France, Canada and the United States. Joan also has liturgical works in several Churches and schools in Australia and worked on the ‘Mantle of Unity” with 5 other textile artists, for the Australian Council of Churches.

Examples of Joan’s work can be seen on on the Australian member’s page, her website and in SHOP at Strathnairn Arts.

For over 14 years Joan was the inaugural representative of the World Shibori Network Australia and New Zealand (WSN ANZ) organizing exhibitions in Australia and overseas.


Artist Statement

Art is a central part of my being, realised in an empathy with God’s creations, which is the most important inspiration in my work. I endeavour to capture the textures of nature using a variety of dyeing techniques, but am often enthralled by the “happen chance” of the dyeing results, especially in indigo dyeing and the manipulation of the shaped resist technique, Shibori.




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