Jo Hollier: prints & painting

Jo Hollier

JH1Jo is a full time practicing artist / print maker based in Canberra, ACT Australia, with a studio located at the rural haven of Strathnairn Arts Association on the edge of the city. She is a prominent figure in supporting the arts in the ACT and Australia, and also teaches drawing, painting, etching and printmaking.
Her work has been widely exhibited both within Australia and internationally, through nine solo and numerous group and selected exhibitions.
Jo Hollier’s botanical and bird works reflect a deep respect for the natural world, and a love of colour, line and texture in familiar plant forms with a hint of the exotic.

Etchings by Jo Hollier
Each print is unique and handmade.
Jo’s exquisite etchings are made on copper or zinc plate. One picture is often made up of multiple plates. She enjoys the unexpected results achieved by intermixing of colours on the paper. She will also mix colour on one plate by a method known as “a la poupee”.
Her editions are small and they reflect a sensitivity for the art of etching, producing delicate imagery with emotional undertones.

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