Alex de Vos: ceramics

Alex de Vos


Alex graduated from the Canberra School of Art in 1987 and has been teaching pottery since 1988 with the Canberra Potters Society. His work has been inspired by his connection with medieval history and the story a pot can tell. This can be a time, place, function or purpose a piece of pottery can impart, like the shape of a beaker.

As there have been many variations of beakers over the centuries certain shapes keep occurring because they just feel right in the hand, and in the end people have not really changed over the centuries.

Small imperfections like fingerprints add to the story of how a pot was created, and these can be further enhanced by the firing process. Salt firing is a favourite method of glazing pots as it is achieved by adding salt into a kiln at top temperature, and offers a range of subtle effects depending on location in the kiln, type of clay and the atmosphere inside the kiln.

Alex runs Flaming Gargoyle Pottery and specialises in the reproduction of medieval pottery including: 15th-16th Century – German salt Fired Stoneware, 10th-13th Century – Byzantine & Persian Sgraffito Pottery and 11th-15th Century – English & Italian Pottery.


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