Last Days! | Ollie Ayrton | The Wizard Of Oz

Ollie Ayrton – Last Week!

Ollie Ayrton has his amazing sculptures on exhibit in Gallery One. For The Wizard of Oz fans it’s a must see!


An emerging artist who lives and works in Canberra, Ollie trained at the ANU School of Art from 2008 to 2001. He is currently an artist and tenant at the Australian National Capital Artists (ANCA).

This exhibition will be the artists’ first solo show.

“For over 75 years this story has given faithful service to the Young at Heart; and Time has been powerless to put its kindly philosophy out of fashion”. – Ollie



The artist has worked with life models to create truly lifelike characters inspired by the classic film The Wizard of Oz. It is the culmination of two years of highly disciplined and rigorous work.

This truly striking display of works is something not to be missed!

The Shop at Strathnairn Arts Gallery is open Thursday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm, the Juice Cafe situated within Strathnairn Arts Gallery is open Thurs 10 – 4; Fri 10 – 4; Sat 8.30 – 4; and Sun 8.30 – 4.

To reserve your table please phone the Cafe direct on 0410 270 663  Walk-ins are always welcome, but bookings are highly recommended to ensure you don’t miss out!


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