Last Day! | Photographic & Painting Exhibition| McEwen Mason and Kellett

Last Day! | Photographic & Painting Exhibition| McEwen Mason and Kellett


Last Day!

This is the last day of the “Photographic & Painting Exhibition” by Nathan Kellett and Jenny McEwen Mason. 

Nathan Kellett is a local amateur photographer who over the past 15 years has

captured images from around the country. Photographs within this exhibition
focus on Victoria, the Snowy Mountains and the Canberra region. Nathan only
spends a limited number of weekends every year dedicated to his art and has
selected the most unique photographs to exhibit.Jenny McEwen Mason has been an amateur painter for over thirty years.
Her first works were oils but gradually over time she has incorporated more
mediums to her repertoire. This exhibition focuses on her works done in pastels
and watercolours across a range of subjects.Both Nathan and Jenny are proud to bring you this body of work which
incorporates their combine passion for the natural world through time lapsing
photography or instances of whim.

Where: Gallery One and Two, Strathnairn Arts Gallery

Exhibition Dates: February 2 – March 5, 2017

Address: 90 Stockdill Drive, Holt 2615 ACT

Free Entry – All Welcome!

The rain has cleared, making a lovely day to spend at Strathnairn Arts  – perfect for meeting friends for lunch at the Juice Kitchen Cafe!

The Shop at Strathnairn Arts Gallery is open Thursday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm, the Juice Cafe situated within Strathnairn Arts Gallery is open Thurs 10 – 4; Fri 10 – 4; Sat 8.30 – 4; and Sun 8.30 – 4.

To reserve your table please phone the Cafe direct on 0410 270 663  Walk-ins are always welcome, but bookings are highly recommended to ensure you don’t miss out!




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