Ledger Art Workshop with Artist in Residence Brent Learned

Ledger Art Workshop with International Award Winning Artist Brent Learned


Ledger Art – Brent Learned

Where: Strathnairn Arts Village Hall
When: Saturday March 4th 9:30- 11 AM
Cost: $35 per person

The Artist: Brent Learned is a Native American artist from Oklahoma who draws, paints, and sculpts the Native American Indian in a contemporary impressionistic style.

As an enrolled member of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma, Learned appreciates the legacy and culture of the American Plains Indian. “I create artwork to capture the essence, accuracy and historic authenticity of the American Plains Indian way of life,” says the artist.

The Workshop: Brent will first discuss who he is & about the tribe he belongs to; the Cheyenne and Arapaho. He will delve into the role that his tribe played in American history & how this has informed his artistic style. Brent will also give a brief history of Ledger artwork that will tell the story of the plains Indian original art form from its origins to what it has evolved into today.

Materials Required: + Old paper of any kind; it could be ledger paper, old certified, bank notes, maps , envelopes, etc. + Drawing utensils of any kind; it could be crayon , drawing pencils, coloured pencils, pen and ink, etc. + A great attitude & eagerness to learn!

Brent will have a few ledger drawings for people to colour. Brent also has a special gift for all attendees!

Please email info@strathnairn.com.au for your registration form



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