Announced Today! New West Belconnen Suburb – Strathnairn

West Belconnen Suburbs Announced

Minister Berry and David Maxwell from Riverview announcing the names of the first two suburbs for the West Belconnen development – Strathnairn and Macnamara

So proud to be included in the announcement of the first two suburbs for the new West Belconnen development. Suburb number one is called Strathnairn and calls to mind the existing arts precinct and the farm which the Baird family owned and named. The naming of the suburb speaks to the inclusive nature of the new development which will border and almost curve around Strathnairn Arts in a semicircle and the sympathy between the rural creative precinct and the urban sustainable development which will see Strathnairn with new neighbours from 2018.

We look forward to this growing community and embracing them in our arts programs, workshops and exhibitions. The opportunity to influence and educate the many personalities in Strathnairn the suburb is to exciting to be left unattended.
The second suburb announcement honours a pioneering woman in the medical field Dame Annie Jean Macnamara, who is recognised and best known for her contributions to children’s health and welfare, especially in the polio area.

3 thoughts on “Announced Today! New West Belconnen Suburb – Strathnairn

  1. Great day at Strathnairn for the announcement – a little cold with snow on the mountains however everyone warmed to the new suburb names and celebrated the progress


  2. ‘Inclusive nature of the new development’ ? What does this mean ? … Beautiful rural land surrounding Strathnairn Arts transforming into more sprawling suburbia 😕


    • Hi Ingrid, Thank you for taking the time to comment on our page. What it means is that Strathnairn is committed to providing access to art facilities, art appreciation and art based education to all people in Canberra including those who choose to move to our newest suburbs.
      ~ ShopatStrathnairn


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