Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day at Strathnairn Arts Shop

Mother’s Day gift ideas by local artists available from the Shop section at Strathnairn Arts Gallery. Image Credits: Top lhs Trenna Langton |Top rhs Vera Delova | Middle lhs Jo Hollier – Wall Art, Joan James – Scarf; Ian Latter – Wooden Boxes; August Cole – Blankets | Bottom lhs: Socks by Joan James, Robyn Diener, Dorothy Kraft | Bottom rhs: Michael Sainsbury

A New Display for Mother’s Day

Looking for that unique Mother’s Day present?

Shop at Strathnairn Arts has a fresh new display with new items added last week.

Local artists offer their wares via the Shop at the Strathnairn Arts Gallery. From Paintings to handmade socks, there truly is something special to show Mum how much you care.

With the weather now cooling, it is a perfect time to consider a new blanket or scarves, and don’t forget the socks! We have perfect pottery to make a statement on a special feature cabinet, wares for the table or jewelry to adorn a favourite outfit.

Don’t forget that the Cafe is open on Mother’s Day, offering cakes, coffee or a lunch out for those who would like to spoil Mum on her special day.

The SHOP at Strathnairn Arts Gallery is open Thursday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm, the Juice Cafe situated within Strathnairn Arts Gallery is open Thurs 10 – 4; Fri 10 – 8; Sat 8.30 – 8; and Sun 8.30 – 4.

To reserve your table please phone the Cafe direct on 0410 270 663, on special weekends such as this one, Walk-ins are always welcome, but bookings are highly recommended to ensure you don’t miss out!


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