Strathnairn featuring Weavers

This month in SHOP we are focusing on the art of weaving by two of our SHOP members, August Cole and Lisa Molvig.
Long time member August has been keeping customers in Canberra and beyond warm with her popular blankets, throws, shawls and scarves for many years. Her goods are lovingly woven by hand using natural fibres such as fine wool, alpaca, silk and linens in beautiful combinations and colours. August weaves for all seasons and is never happier than when she is at the loom!
Tapestry weaver Lisa Molvig is expert at this time consuming art having studied a diploma of Arts (tapestry) at Warnambool TAFE.
Lisa believes in re-purposing materials and incorporates non-traditional “yarns” in her work. The hanging ribbons inside clothes have no purpose after they have left their shop displays so these are  collected to be woven into brooches as well as her small tapestry works.
They add colour and shine into the woven wool. Lisa’s tapestry brooches are a unique hand made accessory, perfect for any outfit.
SHOP has so much to see, why not visit and enjoy the Cafe as well, its a perfect place to catch up with friends and family!

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